A Hijab for Your Daughter

In Islamic countries, they require the Muslim women to wear a hijab or any other coverings like a burka and more. yes, they are quite strict about this as for their Islam, this is a sign of being modest. But in some countries where there are also residents who are Muslim, they are not that serious in having their women wear hijab.

But this does not mean that they Hijab Malaysia don’t wear this long piece of garment as in fact, you will still see a lot of them wearing one. So, are you a Muslim woman with a daughter? Why not give your daughter a hijab? You might think that this is not the right time yet for your girl to wear a hijab as she will just be bullied in school.

Yes, there is indeed a chance that she will be stared and might even be bullied. But then again, that will just happen at the start and if the hijab is really important for your religion, I am pretty sure you can explain things for her. at the same time, you should also explain to her what might happen the moment she wears a hijab in school.

Hijab for Muslim women are also their representation of their identity. Once you see someone who is wearing one, you can right away tell that she is a Muslim. This is why this item is quite important for them. they have a lot of reasons to wear one and thus, you should orient your child as well.

This does not mean that you will oblige your child to wear a hijab, especially if you are not in a country where hijabs are required. However, just like you, she should be given a chance to choose as well and by orienting her the importance of hijab, she can then make the right choice.

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