Can a Protected Trust Deed Help Me Avoid Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be a frightening prospect for the majority of people afflicted by fiscal difficulties, and if fiscal conditions turn from bad to worse, it may frequently seem there are no choices available, which bankruptcy would be the sole remaining option.

But if you reside in Scotland, that may not always be true.

In certain conditions, there’s an alternative to bankruptcy namely a Protected Trust Deed.

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) is a legally binding debt alternative that delivers aid to individuals residing in Scotland if they’re not able to keep their contractual lender payments for their unsecured loans.

It does so by setting a new repayment schedule that’s based on what the debtor could really manage, after their essential living costs are taken into consideration, instead of that which the borrower was contracted to create, as mentioned in the first credit arrangements.

Essentially, the Protected Trust Deed provides a debtor a opportunity to put forward his very best deal to his creditors in the expectation they’ll refrain from accepting bankruptcy actions against him.

As long as more than two thirds of the creditors, in debt value provisions, agree to take the deal, the PTD becomes legally binding on allthose creditors that voted against.

Usually, a PTD includes a fixed repayment program of 36 payments. Any outstanding accounts that still remain after this stage are then lawfully written-off, with lenders lawfully obliged to clean the rest of the debt to depart the debtor debt free.

To have the ability to be eligible for a PTD there are numerous criteria that have to be fulfilled.

The debts have to be owed to 3 distinct creditors.

The applicant has to have the ability to pay for a minimum payment collection by lenders.

The Trustee’s most important function is to make sure that the PTD candidate complies with the details of the PTD, also to function as an arbiter.

A Protected Trust Deed is a formal debt option, and consequently should only be utilized in the most acute of fiscal conditions. It’s frequently known as a last choice prior insolvency.

However, for all those people with severe debt problems residing in Scotland, the Protected Trust Deed can provide an extremely welcome lifeline.

Iain Wrenshall is the creator of My Trust-Deed Adviser, a site which specialises in helping Scots find out concerning the Protected Trust Deed procedure.