Limitations on Signage 

For something that we see almost everyday, we may not know that there are some limitations, rules and regulations are involved in the process of making or installing a sign. With the abundance of new signages being made for various kinds of purposes that are directional, informative, and many more, it is logical for it to have some regulations. There has been new implementation and made a new law on the permits and authorizations of billboards in the purpose to regulate it. The authority of these signages are on the local authorities. The new laws also include digital signages.

One of the limitations for signages are the sizing. It has to be the correct size on the purpose. For a storefront, there is a limit to the sizing of the signage, it cannot be too big until it will block others and it cannot be too small as it will not be visible. The location can be a reason to why these limitations are set.

Another limitation would be the number of texts. There is some limitation on the number of text allowed for a signage. If there was featured too many different texts, it would be hard to be able to read and advertising would not be so effective. Since signage is done to attract more and more customers to your company or business, having too many texts can hinder them away rendering them confused.

Another set limitation is lighting. Your signage is allowed to have lights but it cannot be too bright until it is hard for people to see. As much as increased visibility to your sign it positive, but if it can blind people, it can be perceived as negative to your store or brand.

All these limitations are for the reason to employ standardisation and ensure the safety of the public.For more inquiries, you can get your signage Malaysia.

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