Possible Reasons why a Landlord Withhold Deposit

Are you planning to take the house for rent segambut? Well, the segambut house for rent is really amazing and is just perfect if you are already a family man. The location is strategic, and it is near to important landmarks. You will surely have an easier time getting here and there if you end up settling in this particular property. 

So, if you are planning to move to a new place, it could be that your contract in your current place is about to end. it also means that you are about to retrieve your security deposit back. You see, most of the time, the security deposit is worth two months rent. So, it is a good amount and can help a great deal in your move. after all, if you are about to settle in a new place, you need a good amount to start with. 

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But the thing is, a typical landlord will not easily give the money back. In fact, if he can, he will surely withhold it. Thus, you should try your best not to give him even a single reason among so many. What are these reasons? Check this out:

  • When you move too soon like earlier than your contract. This usually happens to some tenants and most of the time, it is stated in the contract that when this occurs, the landlord will have the right to withhold with the security deposit. He has the option not to give it back to the tenant. 
  • When you don’t pay the rent as scheduled or you miss some payments. You see, not paying the rent is actually a breach of contract and being it is called security deposit, it means that the landlord can keep the money as his protection. 
  • When there is a damage to the property. This does not pertain though to the normal wear and tear as that is expected. As a matter of fact, it would be weird if you can return the property exactly as when you first move in. But when you say damage, it pertains to something bigger. Something that happens because of an accident like broken glasses, large holes on the walls and so on. If there are signs of any of these, you can expect that the landlord will try to withhold the security deposit, and this will be used to restore the damages you caused. 
  • And lastly, the cleaning costs. Yes, the landlord can deduct something from your security deposit if the property is not as clean as when you first moved in. This is even one of the many reasons why tenants will really take the time hiring professional cleaners. 

Yes, it will be such a drag if you can’t get your security money back as it is a big help. This is why, since you already know what can possibly stop you from getting it, you should make some plans, so the landlord will happily hand it back to you. 

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